Talisa and her husband commemorate Edmure’s marriage to Roslin.

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Talisa and her husband commemorate Edmure’s marriage to Roslin.

After Edmure Tully marries Roslin Frey, Robb jokes that maybe a mistake was made by him in marrying Talisa, whom feigns offense. She’s bewildered by the old-fashioned Westerosi bedding, which Robb describes proves that the wedding had been consummated. Talisa replies that their unborn youngster is proof enough, and implies that they name him Eddard after Robb’s father, which Robb agrees to if it is a boy. The doors are closed and the musicians begin playing «The Rains of Castamere», which visibly makes Catelyn uneasy after the bedding.

A expecting Talisa is stabbed by Lothar Frey.

Lord Walder rises to toast Robb, saying he has yet to offer their brand new queen a marriage present. Realizing they are betrayed, Catelyn slaps Roose throughout the face and yells a warning to Robb, but at that time it really is far too late. Being a startled Talisa sits at a table, Lothar Frey approaches her from behind and starts to over and over over repeatedly stab her when you look at the belly by having a dagger, fatally wounding her and killing her unborn son or daughter. At that porn redtube minute, Robb along with his guys are either shot because of the performers with crossbows or set upon by Frey soldiers. Talisa rises so that they can instantly flee but collapses as a result of her wounds and dies moments later on inside her spouse’s hands.

Robb and Talisa lie dead.

The loss of Talisa and the youngster delivers Robb as a continuing state of surprise, in which he continues to be holding her inside the hands as their guys are slaughtered around him. Moments later on, Robb and Catelyn are then killed by Roose Bolton and Ebony Walder streams, correspondingly. 10 Although the deaths of Robb and Catelyn and just how their health had been desecrated by the Freys are talked about in more detail by buddies and foes alike, what goes on to Talisa’s human anatomy when you look at the aftermath continues to be unknown.

Whenever Walder Frey learns that Riverrun was retaken by Brynden Tully, that has escaped the Red Wedding, he dispatches Lothar and Ebony Walder to retake the castle, with the captive Edmure, and requests Lothar to provide the Blackfish utilizing the knife he utilized to destroy Talisa and her unborn kid. 11 She is mentioned once again unfavorably by Robett Glover as being a whore that is»foreign for distracting Robb while other users of House Glover suffered throughout the ironborn career of Deepwood Motte. 12 sooner or later, Talisa is avenged by her sister-in-law Arya Stark, who murders Lothar Frey and Ebony Walder and bakes them both into pies that she acts with their dad Walder before slitting their neck as Ebony Walder had done to Catelyn. 13

Arya, disguised as Walder, later holds a feast along with the rest associated with Freys, commending them with regards to their «bravery» in the Red Wedding while they slaughtered their naive visitors, such as the pregnant Talisa. Nevertheless, all of the Frey males quickly succumb to poison, and Arya reveals her real >14

Behind the scenes

Initially, Chaplin ended up being just established as playing «Jeyne», leading to fan conjecture that she will be playing either Jeyne Westerling, a girl that is noble of Westerlands, or Jeyne Poole, a buddy and friend of Sansa Stark’s whom accompanies her to King’s Landing. 15 it absolutely was later on established to be Jeyne Westerling. 16 nevertheless Chaplin’s character presents by herself as Talisa when she first seems. She continues to express that she actually is through the complimentary City of Volantis, while Jeyne Westerling is truly a member of home Westerling, impoverished but nobles that are proud the Westerlands sworn to accommodate Lannister. Nevertheless, Jeyne’s maternal great-grandmother was indeed through the eastern, though the written books never state which of this complimentary Cities she had been from.

The discrepancy ended up being later explained by Chaplin’s character initially being conceived to be just like Jeyne Westerling through the novels, also known as the exact same, however moving further and further away during rewrites. Fundamentally George R.R. Martin himself proposed they simply rename her while making her a character that is completely new. Martin himself came up because of the true name since he remarked that Jeyne isn’t a Volantene name. 17

Into the publications

Within the the Song of Ice and Fire novels, there is absolutely no character known as Talisa Maegyr, though certainly one of the triarchs of Volantis is Malaquo Maegyr. Alternatively, Robb weds Jeyne Westerling, daughter of Lord Gawen Westerling, an impoverished but proud bannerman to Casterly Rock. They meet when Robb catches The Crag, a historical and decaying stronghold which serves as the chair of home Westerling. Along the way of storming the castle Robb is wounded whenever he takes an arrow towards the supply. Jeyne nurses him back again to health insurance and they expanded close throughout that time. Robb continues to be here whenever term for the fatalities of Bran and Rickon comes (though Theon Greyjoy had been really lying as he advertised they certainly were dead). Jeyne comforts Robb in the distress, in addition they wind up having sex. Her maidenhead not only does he feel honor-bound to marry her, but he has fallen in love with her as she is highborn and as Robb has taken. He will not suspect that the Westerlings (at the least Jeyne’s uncle and mother) collaborate because of the Lannisters, as revealed in «A Feast for Crows». Their project would be to make Robb breach the Freys to his pact, and it’s also accomplished. It’s ambiguous whether Jeyne had been alert to her family members’ collusion.

Every one of these occasions happen off-screen when Robb is within the western and generally are maybe maybe not revealed when you look at the written books until he returns with Jeyne to Riverrun. Robb does not discuss breaking Catelyn until after his marriage to his marriage pact, together with wedding just isn’t carried out in key. Additionally, Jeyne never ever becomes expecting with Robb’s heir (her mother made sure of the, presumably giving her tea that is moon and isn’t present at the Twins through the «Red Wedding». Therefore, she is alive and well afterward, underneath the security of Brynden Tully, who continues to be in Riverrun as Robb’s Warden associated with the marches that are southern.

Following the siege of Riverrun is fixed, Jaime fulfills Jeyne along with her mom. He believes Jeyne is pretty, yet not a woman to get rid of a kingdom for. She generally seems to mourn Robb truly, however it might be a pretence. At Jaime’s demand, Jeyne along with her household are escorted back once again to the Crag. Since Jaime will not trust Sybell’s term that Jeyne is certainly not expecting, he orders the escorting soldiers to shoot Jeyne down if she tries to escape, in order to prevent stories that her dead spouse Robb had provided her a young child and therefore an heir into the north.

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