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It builds machines for assembly and testing of equipment for the automotive, medical and solar. I was just trump the stability of energy supply. When the cluster started, problems with electricity prices yet it was not. So what the city it is guided by taking such a step? We wanted and still depends on obtaining clean energy, improving air quality. Your own power is also much greater energy security for residents, because even if in the event of a blackout is not great everywhere will race it in sensitive areas of the city will not miss it. And the local power company and is a local tax money.

Self energy step by step how did this happen • In 2017. Ostrowski initiated the creation of the Energy Cluster. The city has prepared and adopted Municipal Development Center Strategy for the years 2018-2024. It has developed energy balance, so that we know, among others, how much energy and what sources should be getting to Ostrów network. • In April of 2018. Established company CRK Energy. He has acquired the license for the trading and distribution of energy. It is the local operator Ostrowski Energy Market. • In September 2018.

Signed an agreement establishing the Energy Cluster life Ostrowski (Ostrowski operates under the name of Market Power, or ORE). • November 8, 2018 r. ORE is certified pilot cluster power granted by the Ministry of Energy. Which it has a cluster and how it intends to develop • It involves more than 40 entities, including Ostrowski Heating Plant, «Plywood-Eco» or Ostrovia Gallery. • 23 km has its own distribution network. • It has two stable sources of energy – one of the gas of 5 MW, the second of the wood chips with a capacity of 2.5 MW. • Work on installation of photovoltaic panels on municipal buildings, installations will be a prosumer. • Plugging the Ostrów networks are also interested in entrepreneurs creating photovoltaic farm, cluster also wants to build their own farm. • The entrance to the cluster are interested in, as prosumers, housing cooperatives. • The cluster has several partners with small wind power plants. • pilot installation to be connected to the first residential buildings. Zero PIT will take effect from 1 August 2019 year. According to the foundation, persons receiving income from work, ie. Eg.

On the basis of commission agreements or contracts of employment do not accompany tax. Taxpayers conducting your own business can not rely on the exemption. Revenues for the first border tax threshold, the amount of 85 528 zł, will be exempt from PIT. The excess amount will be taxed according to the tax scale – 32 percent. podatku.Zgodnie rate with the new wording of Article. 21 of the Law on income tax from individuals, free from income tax will be revenue from the service relationship, employment, contract work, cooperative employment contracts and orders received by the taxpayer to complete 26 years of age, up to the amount not exceeding the amount of the tax year 85 528 zł. «. See also: This is certain. Young people do not pay PIT from August 1 2019 years [PODCAST] »Relief for the child for a young parent. Since there is no tax, you can deduct relief?

Relief to child is one of the preferences, at which the taxpayer can directly reduce the amount of tax due to raising children. Deductibles are set arbitrarily. Parents of one child but must remember the income threshold that allows use of the relief. At least two children, no income limit. The tax can benefit the taxpayer, who raised one child – as long as their income does not exceed in the tax year • the amount of 112,000 zł in the case of the person liable for the tax year are married (summed up the income of the taxpayer and his spouse), • the amount of 112,000 zł in If a taxpayer who is a single parent, • the amount of 56.000 zł for the taxpayer unmarried, including part of the year. • raised two or more children – regardless of the amount received by the income it • was subject to a tax year for which settles, unlimited or limited tax (relief applies to both Polish tax residents and non-residents) .Ile can you save? in accordance with the provisions of the PIT, subject to deduction for each calendar month of the tax year in which the taxpayer exercised parental authority or acted funk tion guardian prawnego.Kwota deduction: • 1 child – the amount of 92,67 zł, • 2 children – the amount of 92.67 zł for each child • 3 or more children – amount: -92.67 zł, respectively, the first and second child, -166.67 zł for the third child, • 225 zł for the fourth and each subsequent dzieckoOdliczeń made directly from the tax.

Will it be possible deduction relief for young, working parents, who from 1 August not accompany the tax? Repayment of unused relief is possible now. It occurs in a situation where the amount of deductions within the relief is higher than the amount of tax paid. – If you wish to benefit from the return of unused family allowance for 2,019 years, for people at the same time benefiting from the so-called. relief for the young, keep in mind that the amount of additional reimbursement is limited in this case, the sum of the contributions to social and health insurance deducted in income tax declarations – Grochowina explains Gregory, senior manager at KPMG in Poland. See also: Reduction of the PIT and tax exemption young. What does this mean for taxpayers? «Importantly, the exemption from PIT young does not mean they are exempt from paying social security contributions.

This means that taxpayers up to 26 years from 1 August will not receive the full amount of tax «on hand.» Unless the employer at the request of the taxpayer does not deduct payments to the PIT, the employee receives a salary less social security contributions. If a young taxpayer does not inform the employer of the release will receive compensation in the form of higher tax refund at the annual settlement in 2020. In summary, the taxpayer at the same time a young beneficiary of the zero income tax, can count on a refund of any unused relief for the child discharged to the amount of social security contributions. PIT zero and relief to the child. Exemption from tax would deprive the young other preferences? / ShutterStock «Art.

1 point 3 of the bill gives new wording of Article. 27f paragraph. 9 PIT Act. This provision specifies the maximum amount of reimbursement under the child tax credit, which was not covered in the tax. Currently, the difference between the amount the taxpayer is entitled to deduct the amount deducted on your tax return (additional return) can not exceed the amount of contributions for social and health insurance paid by the taxpayer and deductible. Due to the fact that the project involves oskładkowanie income exempt from PIT is proposed to include in the way of fixing the limit of the refund of contributions paid from the revenue «- says in the explanatory memorandum of the Act.

Relief on the adult child tax exempt Another clash zero tax and family allowance will be in a situation where the taxpayer nurtures learning and working child who is under 25 years of age. To a parent could use the relief, the child can not obtain taxable income in the amount higher than 3089 zł. – Act, which introduces the PIT for the young clearly indicates that the group earnings limiting pro-family relief (ie. For adult children and learners to complete 25 years of age) also include salary exempt from tax in the context of relief for the young – summarizes the expert from KPMG. ANSWER THE MINISTRY OF FINANCE Act contains a modification to the child tax credit and the «return of unused relief ‘in relation to the taxpayers benefiting from this exemption (new wording of paragraph. Article 9. 27f PIT Act) .On the basis of this change in revenues from premiums paid covered by the exemption ( pursuant to art.

21 paragraph. 1 Section 148 of the Act PIT) will be taken into account in the limit of the amount of reimbursement of unused tax relief for children. This means that a taxpayer who meets the criteria for the exemption and which therefore do not pay income tax relief for children to receive the amount of his income from paid social insurance contributions and health insurance, as referred to in Article. 26 paragraph. 1 point 2 and 2a and in Article.

27b. 1 and 2 of the PIT. Inspections were carried out in 96 stores belonging to the 18 chain stores. «Irregularities in 31 stores (32.3 percent). Web: Aldi, Auchan, Biedronka, Dino Hypermarket BI1, Intermarche, Kaufland, Leviathan, Lidl, Netto, Polo Market, Daisy and Tesco. 118 lots of vegetables and fruits (10, 2 percent., the audit parties in 1162) was mistakenly marked country of origin «- we read in the Tuesday Communication Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (OCCP). As added, 61 products (5.2 per cent. Examined) was marked with the country of origin other than the result of documents or packaging, including 31 falsely as products from Polish. «For example, allegedly Polish celery came from the Netherlands, which reported the package.

The sign with garlic told that it comes from the Polish, but the invoice showed that with Egypt. It happened too (46 parties), that on a display on the product listed there were a few countries of origin. For example, onion + + came simultaneously with Polish, France, the Netherlands and Slovakia, and the consumer did not know which country has jurisdiction «- written. Nine parties do not have information about the country of origin. UOKiK Marek Niechciał believes that information about the country of origin is important to many consumers – often is affected purchasing decision and should not be misleading. «The OCCP reached numerous signs of irregularities in this respect, therefore, the Trade Inspection commissioned to carry out control,» – said Niechciał quoted in the release.

He recalled that the labeling of fresh vegetables and fruits is mandatory country of origin. Also, the Office of Vice President Thomas Chróstny stresses that incorrect information about the country of origin or the lack of it is misleading consumers. Poles – as indicated – are increasingly turning attention to it, they try to choose products Polish. «Vendors and suppliers more or less consciously use this fact by assigning Polish foreign origin of the vegetables and fruits. We need to fight such practices, so that the consumer always knows what and where to buy. Therefore, the Trade Inspection checks are very important,» – pointed.

OCCP reported that inspections are continued in the shops belonging to retail chains. «If they are the base, there may be fines imposed by the Trade Inspection, up to 20 times the national average for the previous year (in 2018 according to the Central Statistical Office, it was 4585 zł)» – written. Office reminds that under EU rules the country of origin should be marked with fresh fruit and vegetables, beef and veal, fish and seafood, honey, wine, olive oil, eggs, raw, packaged pork, goat meat, mutton and poultry . In Poland, the administration is also required country of origin of pork, goat, lamb or poultry sold by weight. Potatoes – both those offered on the weight and packed – must have information about the country of origin, together with the image of the flag of the country. Product labeling information «Polish Product» is, however, voluntary. You can use them to 25 percent. components imported raw materials if they are not produced in Poland (eg. raisins). For two weeks now formally underway in Italian schools strike. It is not spectacular, because in most institutions September all the arrangements for the additional free classes or trips are being implemented.

Slawomir Broniarz Therefore, the originator of all the action and head of the Polish Teachers’ Union, also wants to go out on Friday with educators on the streets. The protest will be held in Krakow, and every 8th of the month to move to the next big city (a sign that the April 8 began a general strike in schools). Parents do not like this type of strike and promise to form social networks that also will protest. Oppose primarily homework, asked in a huge quantity. The Ministry of Education for the time being not in favor in the conflict on either side and explains that it is a matter of autonomous individual schools. Protests overworked parents, students on homework assignments are quite understandable.

Just look at the OECD study, which shows that Polish students spend on their homework on average about seven hours a week. A eg. In Finland – about half as much. According to lawyers, in fact there are no laws directly relating to or governing the work of the teacher with the students in order to implement the curriculum. – Of course, the provisions, such as the regulation of Education, eg. On the framework curricula, and above all the core curriculum (current February 14, 2017.), But in vain to look for them any regulations or specific guidance, whether the implementation of the program should, It may or must be carried out with the use of homework. There is also a problem, because the term «homework» rather understand written work, eg.

The language or the task of science. But we must remember that homework is also simply self-study program, which is implemented in school – says Robert Kamionowski, legal counsel, expert. Office of Education Peter Nielsen & Partners Law Office. – You might be wondering whether the statute would not be the right school, and basically the only document in which principles such as domestic work or the lack of them, or limit the scope or could be regulated. Permit the provisions of Article. 98 paragraph. 1 Section 8 of the education law, talking about regulating detailed conditions and method of assessing students wewnątrzszkolnego, which also regulates, for example.

Permissible number of class work per week or day. If the school has decided to apply such rules, there would be a legal basis also to demand by students and parents to homework not asked – explains attorney. Robert Kamionowski.zobacz also: Neither the strike nor the Italian protest. However, teachers and the action that may be illegal »With such arguments do not agree with the unions. – Entering the Statute of school that students do not need to make up homework or can do so only to a limited extent, it would be an attack on the autonomy of each teacher. It does not matter that even the majority of the school board would agree to such changes in statutory – says Sławomir Wittkowicz, chairman of the branch of science, education and culture in the Forum of Trade Unions. – a learner in the school is guaranteed in the Charter of teacher autonomy in the selection of methods and means of implementation of the curriculum.

It also has the right to ask the students homework to you in this way document- his knowledge – he adds. (No) daring pilot facility without homework, however, exist. – In some schools, also in Warsaw, they conducted such experiments, especially in the younger classes, but personally I can not imagine that it could function effectively teaching without any homework.

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